BOSCH CCS 1000 D Conference System

Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital
     Acoustic Feedback Suppression
Built-in audio recording on internal memory and/or USB memory stick
On-board support for automatic HD camera control
Advanced configuration and control via built-in web browser
“Energy saving mode” for automatic switch-off after two hours of inactivity
Up to 245 Discussion Devices

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The Bosch CCS 1000 D Discussion System is a plug-and-play digital solution for small-to-medium-scale meetings and conferences. It offers advanced features such as recording, camera control, feedback suppression and web browser interface, while being easy to set up and use.


This conference system consists of two main components: the Control Unit and the Discussion Devices. The Control Unit is the central element that connects and controls up to 80 Discussion Devices. It has a front panel with capacitive buttons for adjusting the microphone operating mode and the loudspeaker volume. It also has a built-in MP3 recorder that can record more than 4,000 hours of discussion on a 128GB USB stick or up to eight hours on its internal memory. The Control Unit can also be connected to a laptop, tablet or PC via Ethernet cable for advanced configuration and control via a web browser interface. The web browser interface allows the user to set the maximum number of active microphones, configure the audio output, control up to six HD cameras and playback recordings.

bosch conference system in bd

The Discussion Devices are the units that enable the participants and the chairperson to speak and listen to the proceedings. They have a built-in loudspeaker, a microphone with LED indicators, a headphone socket with volume control and a cable lock facility. They can be easily configured as either participant or chairperson devices by using a switch at the bottom. The chairperson device has additional buttons for muting the microphones of participants and for overriding other speakers. The Discussion Devices also have a unique patent pending possible-to-speak indicator that shows when the microphone is available for use. The Discussion Devices are immune to mobile phone interference and have a compact and ergonomic design.

bosch conference system in bd

The system can be expanded up to 245 Discussion Devices by using one or more System Extension Units. These units are connected to the system by using 6-pole circular connectors and have built-in splitters that allow for installation at any convenient point in the system. They also have short-circuit protection for enhanced safety.

The system also comes with two types of Transport Cases for storing and transporting the components. One case can store up to ten Discussion Devices with cables, while the other case can store one Control Unit, six Discussion Devices and accessories. Both cases have sturdy construction, specially shaped interior, wheels, handles and locks.


The system provides several functions that enhance the quality and efficiency of meetings and conferences. Some of these functions are:

  • Discussion: The system allows participants and chairpersons to speak and listen to each other with excellent speech intelligibility thanks to advanced digital audio processing and superior microphone and loudspeaker performance. The system also utilizes built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS) that prevents howling caused by high volumes. The system supports four microphone operating modes: Open Mode, Override Mode, Request-to-Speak Mode and Voice Activation Mode. These modes determine how many microphones can be active at the same time and how they can be activated or deactivated.
  • Recording: The system can record and playback discussions in MP3 format using either the Control Unit or the web browser interface. The recordings can be stored on a USB stick or on the internal memory of the Control Unit. The recordings can also be transferred to a PC for archiving or editing. The recordings include date and time stamps for easy identification.
  • Camera Control: The system can control up to six HD cameras without needing additional software. The cameras can be automatically switched to show the active speaker or manually selected by using the web browser interface. The cameras can also be preset to show specific views or angles.
  • Energy Saving Mode: The system has a unique energy saving mode that automatically switches off the system after two hours of inactivity. This saves energy and prolongs the system lifetime.

The system offers several benefits for users who need a reliable, versatile and cost-effective solution for their meeting needs. Some of these benefits are:

  • Plug-and-play functionality: The system is designed for quick and easy installation and reconfiguration without needing technical expertise or tools. The components are connected by using standard cables that are color-coded for convenience. The system automatically recognizes the components and configures them accordingly.
  • Intuitive control: The system can be controlled by using either the front panel buttons of the Control Unit or the web browser interface on a laptop, tablet or PC. Both options provide clear and simple menus and commands that allow users to adjust settings, manage discussions, control cameras and playback recordings with ease.
  • Advanced features: The system provides advanced features such as recording, camera control, feedback suppression and web browser interface that enhance the functionality and performance of the system. These features allow users to capture, share and review discussions, display clear images of speakers, prevent howling noises and customize settings according to their preferences.
  • Compact design: The system has a compact and attractive design that fits any meeting environment. The components are lightweight and durable, making them easy to transport and store.

Control unit

  • Control all system elements – up to 245 Discussion devices per system
  • Intuitive control of microphone operating mode and loudspeaker volume via front panel capacitive buttons
  • Advanced configuration and control via built-in web browser and tablet
  • Native support for automatic HD camera control
  • Internal recording for up to eight hours
  • External recording via USB up to 128 GB (>4,000 hours)
  • Built-in Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS)
  • Optimized for courtroom usage with four individual microphone outputs
  • Built-in loudspeaker and headphone socket for monitoring the proceedings
  • Energy saving mode for cost minimization and prolonged life-time

Discussion device

  • Enables participants to speak and listen to the proceedings
  • Can be used either as participant or chairperson device
  • Enables chairperson to mute microphones of participants
  • “Possible-To-Speak” indicator
  • “Request-To-Speak” indicator
  • Cable lock facility
  • GSM immune
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Microphone: with mic-LED indicators, flexible stem (either 38 or 48 cm length)
  • Headphone socket with built-in volume control

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